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Our Products


We procure, transport and ship out Indian Yellow maize acquired from the maize growing areas of India to overseas customers. The commodity can be shipped out either in bulk or the packaging can be customized according to the buyer's requirements. Depending on buyer needs, maize can be shipped out either in 20 ft containers or in bulk vessel.

Moisture : 14% Max
Foreign Matter : 2% Max
Broken Grains : 2% Max
Insect Damaged / Immature / Discoloured : 3% Max
Aflatoxin : 30 PPB Max
Free from live insects and moulds

Role of GILL & Co.

Gill & Co, supply maize to overseas buyers, as per the agreed specifications. Every effort is made by Gill & Co to ensure that the commodity is shipped to the importer in a timely manner and in good condition, as per contract specifications