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Our Products

Raw Cotton

Brief History

One of the oldest fibers known to man, scientists researching its origins have found fiber and boll fragments from the Mexican Tehuacajn Valley to be about 7,000 years old. Cotton has also been grown and used in India for over 5,000 years.

Cotton is a fiber which is unique and of great importance to farmers. Being a cash crop and a breathing natural raw material of preferred choice for textile mills, which manufacture it for varied applications.

Until 1970, Gill & Co. was the leading importer of cotton, and represented some of India's Government exporting agencies as well as the world's most renowned trading houses. From 1970 onwards, the import of cotton was canalized with the formation of the Cotton Corporation of India Ltd, which imported approximately one million bales. Gill & Co. was successful in negotiating substantial business on behalf of their principals


Indian Textile industry imports large volume foreign cottons. Gill & Co. represents major world-renowned cotton merchants and co-operatives; import of cotton requires a high degree of specialization and in-depth knowledge. Gill & Co. has been in the forefront and is one of the largest raw cotton agencies in the world in supplying cotton from all origins of the world to all leading mills in India. We have also been instrumental in introducing certain foreign growths in the Indian market such as Sudan and Abyan for the first time and had exclusive agency for the same. The other foreign growths were Brazilian, Paraguayan, Argentinean, and U.S.A. to name a few, thereby positioning us as one of the largest cotton agents in the world.


For 120 years, Gill & Co. has played a vital role in serving the cotton community. Our aim is to stay true to our belief by providing customers with unparalleled services, expertise, knowledge, ethical practices and the highest levels of integrity for generations to come.

Main Markets

Role of GILL & Co.

Gill & Co. is located in Mumbai, the historic Indian City of cotton trade.

We are an integrated originator of cotton and a full-fledged cotton-trading house, with in depth knowledge of the workings of the Indian Cotton Industry today.

Taking a step back into backward integration Gill & Co. operates leased ginning facilities in Gujarat and Maharashtra, hand in hand with producers of the crop.

Our focus to source baled cotton and be involved in cotton ginning, gives us the edge and expertise to understand our producers' needs and consumer requirements.

Our aim is to provide our customers with superior quality cotton with reduced contamination - a major requirement of textile mills throughout the world. To further facilitate and add value to our customers, we also inspect all cottons handled by us through the latest Uster spectrum 500 HVI machine and engage in visual classing, which is handled by our expert cotton classifiers.

Gill & Co. supplies Indian cotton to domestic mills, international merchants and textile mills throughout the world.