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Brief History

It is believed that wheat developed from a type of a wild grass native to the arid lands of Asia Minor. Cultivation of wheat is thought to have originated in the Euphrates Valley as early as 10,000 B.C., making it one of the world's oldest cereal crop.

Indian Wheat

Wheat is mainly produced in northern, central and part of western areas of the country. The sowing period is October/November. Weather plays an important role in growth of wheat.

Wheat has a protein content of 9.5% to 12%. India mainly produces white/semi white quality of milling wheat and durram quality. Indian domestic consumption is about 75/76 million tonnes per year. The average acreage is 26/27 mil hectare.

Role of GILL & Co.

The company has played an active role both as principal exporter and as well as agents.

We have good working relationships with government, semi government organizations like,
- PEC &
which gives us the advantage and have given priority for their requirements.

When exports have been permitted, the company has been active and has exported wheat to various international trading houses.

During 2006, India imported nearly 5.5 million tonnes of wheat through STC and Gill & Co. Pvt. Ltd. concluded 1.3 million tonnes of wheat through their principals namely Agrico Trade & Finance, Geneva and Cargill International S.A., Geneva.