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Brief History

Rice is the member of the grass family. Report suggests that a very sphisticated cultivation system existed in China over 7000 years ago. There are 42 rice producing countries in the World. Rice is the staple food in Asia, Latin Ameirca, parts of Africa & The Middle east.

Indian Rice

The main sowing period in India is June and takes place in the northern, eastern and southern part of country. The second sowing period is November and takes place in the eastern and part of southern India. The total acreage is about 45 million hectares and the production of rice is 85 million tonnes. India produces all types of rice. The world famous Basmati Rice mainly produced in North India. India's Long Grain rice & Basmati are preffered for exports.

Role of GILL & Co.

The company's branch offices in rice growing areas such as Punjab, tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, give an added advantage in procurement of rice for exports.