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Brief History

Soyabeans are the most economically important bean in the world. It is a native to eastern Asia. Soyabeans were grown as long as 2800 BC in China. By the 17th Century, soyabeans were being planted in Europe. The USA is a world leader in soyabean production and other major producers include Brazil, Argentina and China.

Indian Soyabean Meal

Indian soyabean industry is still very young and growing rapidly. Soyabean production of 0.2 million tons which is presently grown upto 7.4 million tonnes.

Soyabean exports are not permitted as India is an importer of soft oils. Oil is extracted out of the beans and meal is exported to various countries. Indian soyabean extracts produce high protein meal which contains 48% protein.

India enjoys a very strategic position for the exports of soyabean meal due to its nearness to the importing countries such as South Korea, China Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia and the Middle East.

India exports approximately 3-3.2 million tonnes of Soyabean Meal.

Role of GILL & Co.

The company is well versed and has experienced traders in procurring and offering soyabean meal.

The company has exported Soya Bean Meal to reputed International Trading Companies on FOB/FAS basis to their satisfaction.